Opera House in Paris is a very famous and beatiful.It’s biggest Opera House in the world.It has got seventeen floors.It has a lot of room and passeges.
Opera House has a ghost, a phantom ,a man in black clothes. One day one of the dancers Annie Sorelli saw face.His face was yellow.H e woke black coats.Ghost left flowers in Box 5 for Meg’s mother.And nobody bought tickets for Box 5,but ghost always came it.Ghost killed Joseph Buquet with his rope.
Everybody talked about ghost.But the ghost didn’t like talk about him.
Directors of the Opera House was very important men.İt was because of Opera House very big and famous.Directors of the Opera House thought, the people are mad for Opera’s Ghost.
Then a letter leaved from O.G. to directors.He wanted 20,000 francs in a month.And he wanted Box 5.He said “DON’T SELL TİCKETS FOR BOX 5”.Monsieur Armand was very angry.And he thought, ıt is a bad joke.
After,a night,suddenly,a famous singer,La Carlotta,was ill.She wrote a letter to the directors.They thought,we have a new singer.Maybe she can sing.Her name is Christine Daaé.She is from Norway.She had a beatiful voise.And she sang wonderful,like an angel.People loved her.They laughed and cried for more.Roaoul was very beatiful man..He had blue eyes and wonderful smile.Raoul loved her.After the song he went her dressing room.Raoul put his head near the door.He heard a man’s voice.After that Raoul asked men’s voice.But Christine didn’t speak.
Phantom sent second letter to he directors.He was very angry for La Carlotta.He wanted La Carlotta don’t sing.Directors read letter and Directors were very angry.They decided speak about the Ghost with Madame Giry.Maybe she can help them.She said,he is a clever and very dangerous.But Directors didn’t believe.
A letter camed from Christine to Raoul.Christine wanted meet to Raoul, on Thursday at three o’clock.They met in a garden.Christene said, I did’t see him but I heard him.He has beatiful voice.He is my music teacher.I’m a famous because of him.
On Friday morning La Carlotta had breakfast in her bed.A letter arrived from no name.But no namae was ghost.He sais,you are ill.You can not sing Margarita.Stay at home.
La Carlotta was very , very angry.She didn’t finish her breakfast.She thought, this letter was from Christine.She is jealous me.After that, La Carlotta went Opera House.But she couldn’t sing.She sang song,like toad “co-ack,co-ack”.People talked and laughed.Then famous chandelier,with thousands lights,broke away from its ropes and crashed down on the people below.The people hurt.That night was the terrible for the Opera House.Opera House closed for two weeks.La Carlotta never sang again.
Christine was strange.Some days she lughed and was happy but some days she was quiet and unhappy.
One day there was no Chrisitne.She was not at her house,was not at opera,was not meeting place.
Two days later, Opera house opened again.And a letter came from Christine to Raoul.She wanted meet with Raoul on the tenth floor.
They met.She said,His name is Erik,I saw him,he had a mask on his face.And he live in house under the Opera House near the lake.He took off his mask, I saw his face,I wanted to scream.He has got really terrible face.He has no nose,just two black holes for his eyes-sometimes holes are red-He has got yellow face.Then they thought, escape together.Suddenly, a man, Persian shouted, go to the stairs at he door.Nobody has information about him.Just Persian.But he knew about Erik(ghost).Cristine, where was Chrisitne?There was no Chiristine.When Chrisitine came on the stage,her face was white, and she looked afraid.But she sang very wonderful,like an angel.
Suddenly,the lights went out amd a woman screamed,and the lights came on again.But there was not Chrisitne on the stage,her dressing room.Nobody could not her.
Raoul and Persian decided to go to Erik’s house.Persian knew secret doors.Raoul opened,opened and opened but end door was wrong.They were in Erik’s torture room.There were a lot of mirrors on the wall,on the groun and on the ceiling.There were pictures in the mirrors of trees,flowers and rocks.They are moved and danced in frot of their eyes.
Then Christine kissed Erik’s ugly terrible mouth.Erik said,you are kissed me freely.Christine didn’t said.Then, Erik said, you are free Christine,go away and marry your Raoul.Christine went to outside with Persian and Raoul there.And nobody saw Raoul and Christine again.What happened the them?Maybe they married and they are happy.
Who knows?